April and May Cultural Events for 2020 is Postpone Due to SOE.


Mona Festival

Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB)
May 10th - 11st

Malangan Festival

Namanatai, New Island Province
May 24th - 25th

Papua New Guinea National Cultural Commission

About National Cultural Commission?

The National Cultural Commission (NCC) with its three national cultural institutions; Institute of PNG Studies (IPNGS), the National Film Institute (NFI) and the National Performing Arts Troupe (NPAT), have contributed corporately to implement the Commission’s mandate. National Cultural Commission is one of the agencies under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture responsible for cultural functions it is mandated to carry out. The Commission’s primary objective is to assist and facilitate, preserve, protect, develop, promote and safeguard the traditional cultures of indigenous Papua New Guinea and to encourage the development, promotion and protection of the contemporary cultures of PNG.

National Cultural Institutions of Papua New Guinea

Institute of PNG Studies

Institute of PNG Studies

Fundamental responsibility is to collect, preserve, and promote Papua New Guinea cultures.
National Film Institute

National Film Institute

We can work with all Institutions within the country to bring their stories to the whole population.
National Performing Arts Troupe (Raun Raun Haus)

National Performing Arts Troupe (Raun Raun Haus)

The famous iconic and historical building, the Raun Raun Theatre building now known  as The National Performing Arts Troupe


To preserve, promote and safeguard our diverse tangible and intangible cultural heritage. To support and stimulate the growth of creative industries and to provide a platform to reward creativity and originality with equity and fairness.


Preserving, Communicating and Celebrating Papua New Guinea’s Cultural Diversity.


1. Foster respect and collaboration with all communities, organizations and stakeholders concerned with the preservation, protection and promotion of PNG cultural heritage
2. Identify and stimulate the growth and the market of creative industrie
3. Promote nation building through cultural education
4. Improve and strengthen the corporate governance of the Commission


  • We strive to promote good governance, and practice innovation, accountability, transparency and organizational efficiency.
  • We encourage spirit of collaboration and partnership because we believe in team work because our job is too important to do it alone.
  • We care for the wellbeing of our staffs and our facilities and stories by creating an conducive environment for growth and learning
  • We value wider community support and engagement for the fulfillment of our mandated responsibilities and insitutional aspiraons.
  • We care for our employees and would seek to invest in their personal and professional development
  • We aspire to deliver accurate and high quality knowledge and information about Papua New Guinea's cultural diversity.
  • We believe in change and we encourage ingenuity, continuous learning andimprovement.

Acting Executive Director

Steven Enomb KILANDA
Steven Enomb KILANDA
"Papua New Guinea at present is experiencing growth in the creative industry. This scenario impacts people’s tastes for fashion, art and life, and these must be encouraged by a favorable cultural policy framework to preserve, protect, develop and promote the traditional cultures of the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea."

Primary Objectives












Organizational Excellence

Programs and Initiatives

Senior Management Team

Steven Enomb KILANDA
Steven Enomb KILANDAActing Executive Director
Michelle BARU
Michelle BARUActing Director - National Film Institute
Sevese MITASEActing Assistant Secretary of Management
John Tawi DOA
John Tawi DOADirector - National Performing Arts Troupe
Dr. Don NILESActing Director - Institute of PNG Studies