National Cultural Commission

Corporate Plan 2019 to 2023

Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan 2019-2023 crafted by the National Cultural
Commission for adoption and implementation. You can download the Coporate Plan in pdf format ( click the download link below)

NCC 2019-2023 Corporate Plan

1.0 Minister’s Foreword


The National Cultural Commission (NCC) is one of the agencies under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, responsible for cultural functions it is mandated to carry out. The Commission’s primary objective is to assist and facilitate, preserve, protect, develop, promote and safeguard the traditional cultures of the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea and to encourage the development, promotion and protection of the contemporary cultures of PNG.

NCC is also mandated to facilitate selected and approved aspects of cultures in Papua New Guinea; and to coordinate with related government agencies and with provincial cultural bodies on cultural matters, as well as with international cultural organizations. With this mandate, the National Cultural Commission has developed this Corporate Plan to provide a blueprint for the Commission to carry out its corporate objectives and functions.

This corporate plan captures programmes that form some of the core elements of the culture, heritage and arts from the cultural resources of Papua New Guinea. These resources can be harnessed through the development and promotion of a creative industry that can generate benefits for communities throughout PNG.

The programmes captured in this corporate plan framework have linkages to Vision 2050, PNGDSP 2010-2030 and MTDP 2018-2022. Their importance for the present Corporate Plan 2019-2023 is to take note of the programmes and implement them as planned.

Some of the key programmes highlighted cover thematic and international festivals . Thematic festivals involve local festivals with cultural content. International festivals include the Pacific Festival of Arts and the Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture, each hosted at four- year intervals by member countries in the Pacific region. The fifth Melanesian Festival of Arts and Culture for instance was hosted by Papua New Guinea nineteen years after its inception.

These festivals are a draw card for the development and promotion of the tourism industry in the country and also serve to help safeguard cultural forms and arts of the sub-region and the Pacific region.

The Corporate Plan must be fully implemented by the National Cultural Commission in collaboration with other stakeholders, organizations and agencies to achieve its VISION and MISSION Statement, and overall corporate objectives.

Hon. Emil Tammur, MP
Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture

National Cultural Commission

" Papua New Guinea at present is experiencing growth in the creative industry. This scenario impacts people’s tastes for fashion, art and life, and these must be encouraged by a favorable cultural policy framework. "

Steven Komb Kilanda
Acting Executive Director

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