About Us

The National Film Institute (NFI), a semi-autonomous institution, funded by the state and governed by the National Cultural Commission uses the Western Influence of Film making to preserve the dying diverse cultures of the country.

Established in 1979 and based in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province, NFI functions are laid out in the NCC Act 1994.

As the people pride themselves in the diversity of their cultures and traditions, NFI’s vision is to making sure these cultural heritage retain its people’s identity through filming whilst educating the masses well enough to end corruption, uphold human rights and becoming self-reliant.

NFIs overall mission is to produce films documenting PNG’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, and to actively engage in fostering the growth of a Melanesian Film and Culture Industry.

The beauty of film is that it is part of everything in life. We can work with all institutions within the country to bring their stories to the whole population.

The objectives of the institution are to film for cultural preservation, and educate PNG through films about cultural knowledge.

In terms of cultural preservation, NFI produce films documenting the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage for preserving, sustaining and promoting PNG as a country in all it has to offer to the world and also to its local people. The staffs work in partnership with rural/village communities all throughout the nation, to identify and start documenting traditional cultures that are at risk of becoming extinct.

NFI is also using the documented films to educate the people of PNG and disseminate information that will improve the lives of people both in the rural and urban areas.

The institution has come up with the initiative of the Wokabout Piksa Show where they show films to create awareness of the richness of the cultures and the need to preserve them. Through the show, NFI engage itself with communities to stream the documented cultural videos to let people openly discuss the things that matters most to them to assist the institution and the people as well to think progressively.


NFI is also tasked to develop and maintain an Audio/Visual Archive for the collection, restoration and preservation of moving images as a resource for future generations and as a potential revenue earner. The archival collections contains film and video footage dating back to pre-independence and contain rare and sacred footage of cultural ceremonies that are unique.

 The institution also sells DVDs from the National Heritage Collection. Some of them include films like Tukana, Husat asua, Tinpis Run, Angels of War, First contact, Joe Leahy’s Neighbours, Shark Calles of Kontu, Self-Decoration in the Enga Province, Yumi Yet, Trobriand Cricket, Bridewealth and many more.

Services provided by the institution include Documentary Filmmaking, News Coverage, Camea Work, Video Editing, Digitizing, Sound Recording, DVD Burning – Authoring/Duplication and PNG Filmmaking Visa Work.

They have had clients from Government Organisations, NGOs, International Filmmakers, Cultural Groups, Churches, Schools, Companies and Individuals.

 Anyone can enquire with the institution if you think your culture is in need of documentation as this will help preserve it or your future generations to see.

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Goroka, Eastern Highland, Papua New Guinea