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The beauty of film is that it is part of everything in life. We can work with all institutions within the country to bring their stories to the whole population.

A Brief History Of National Film Institute (NFI)

National Film Insitution (NFI) is semi-autonomous institution, funded by the state and governed by the National Cultural Commission. Our functions are laid out in the NCC Act 1994. It was established in 1979. NFI began as a media extension unit within th Raun Raun Theatre in 1979 in Goroka. It has expanded its roles to become the Skul Bilong Wokim Piksa, and then by an Act of Parliament in 1994 it effectively became the National Film Institute.

There followed an intense period of training and production supported by the French Government which resulted in the widely acclaimed feature drama “Tinpis Run.”


Produce films documenting Papua New Guinea’s rich and diverse cultural heritage for preservation. This is for preservation, sustaining and promoting PNG as a country in all it has to offer to the world.

Our Mission

The Overall mission of the National Film Institute is to produce films documenting PNG’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, and to actively engage in fostering the growth of a Melanesian Film and Culture Industry.

Our Vision

Making Papua New Guinea a Beautiful country by preserving our cultural heritage to retain our identity, whilst educating the masses well enough to end corruption, uphold Human Rights and becoming self-reliant.

What we do here in NFI?

  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • News Coverage
  • Camera Work
  • Video Editing
  • Digitizing
  • Sound recording
  • DVD Burning – Authoring/Duplication
  • PNG Filmmaking Visa Work


The mission of the PNG Film & Television Archives is to collect, digitize, restore and preserve  Papua New Guinea’s moving images for posterity. In the Vault we have PNG’s National Heritage Collection. The oldest film is from the 1900’s and the most recent one.


Preview of PNGs First featuring film "WOKABAUT BILONG TONTEN"


The Beauty of Film is that it is part of everything in Life. We can work with all Institutions Within the country to bring their Stories to the whole population.

- National Film Institute

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National Cultural Commission

" Papua New Guinea at present is experiencing growth in the creative industry. This scenario impacts people’s tastes for fashion, art and life, and these must be encouraged by a favorable cultural policy framework. "

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