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Fundamental responsibility to collect, preserve, and promote Papua New Guinea cultures.

Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies (IPNGS) has a fundamental responsibility to collect, preserve, and promote Papua New Guinea cultures.

We continue to try to fulfill this mandate, but desperately need adequate assistance to do our work properly and to ensure that our collections are available to future generations.

The Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies (IPNGS) was established in 1974 as a National Cultural Institution under the National Cultural Council, presently the National Cultural Commission.

Its work focuses on research into various aspects of PNG cultures, particularly music, dance, and oral history. Its goals are a reflection of the preamble of our Constitution that emphasizes the importance of ancestral traditions today.


Institute of PNG Studies staff engage in fieldwork to document various aspects of PNG cultures. From Oral history is documented, as well as music and dance traditions, at villages and during regional shows.


We have a responsibility to Papua New Guineans in the past, present, and future to ensure their cultural heritage is preserved for present and future generations. Essential to this work is maintenance of our archives.


Materials in our archives must be preserved, but they also must be used. We prepare publications for use in schools, for academic work, and for popular consumption.
We aim to promote the great diversity of PNG cultures widely, within the country and overseas, the latter through international linkages developed over many years.

Staff of Institute of PNG Studies
Acting Executive Director Steven Enomb Kilanda with Acting Director IPNGS Don Niles and the staff of Institute of PNG Studies

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In spite of the important work in documenting, preserving, and promoting the cultural heritage of the country, challenges are significant, particularly in relation to funding from the government.

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