National Performing Arts Troupe

The one and only theatre institution in Papua New Guinea

The famous iconic and historical building, the Raun Raun Theatre building now knows as The National Performing Arts Troupe

The famous iconic and historical building, the raun raun theatre building is base in Goroka, the capital of Easter Highlands Province. The Building was built in 1980 through to1981. And it was officially in 1982
I June 1999, the Architectural Society of China recognized and rated this building as one of the top 5 iconic and historical buildings in the world.
The National Performing Arts Troupe (NPAT) ( formerly knows as Raun Raun Theatre) is one of the three (3) sister institutions of the National Cultural Commission (NCC). The other two are the National Film Institution (NFI) who is also based in Goroka and the Institute of PNG Studies (IPNGS) who is based in Port Moresby.
Acting Executive Director Steven Enomb kilanda with Director John T.Doa and the staffs of National Performing Arts Troupe
Major Function of National Perfroming Arts Troupe:
1. Develop awareness drama on the cross cutting issue
2. Train the community and the young generation (school kids) on the importance of theater arts and culture
3. Develop major theatrical productions myths and legends of  the four (4) regions of PNG


Out from the Annual National Bilasim Skin (Skin decoration) Festival, the Annual School Holiday Program was created. This is implemented at the hauslain level every school holidays. NPAT introduce the schools to work with the hauslains.

 This program is the feeder to the Annual Bilasim Skin Festival staged in September ever year. And the activities involved include:

  • Traditional and creatve music
  • Traditional and creative dance
  • Body Art and Catwalk
  • Miming and puppet acting
  • Exhibition and debate
  • Drama and forum

This Training is for the Networking Partners and is conducted in November or December every years. Within this, self-reliant skills are offloaded. This includes soap making, brick making and sawing.

 For the theory part, the Community Development Training Manual is used. The manual simply contains information and guide on how to go about reviving the community and uploading its status.

 To support the above programs we have develop manuals to go with the programs. Each of the manual is targeting specific group:

 Book 1: Life is maneuvering through the challenges to be used during the svhool holidays and be implemented at the village level in partnership with primary schools.

Book 2: Element of Culture this book is to be used by the teachers in classroom as part of teaching arts. And also theatre artist can used this book as teaching guide. This book provides information of the culture definition.

Book 3. Theatre Training Manual is targeting unemployed youths or off cut to develop the Spirit of Raun raun Theatre network.

Book 4: Community Development Training Manual is for the Village people. The bbo contains the past, present and future of the human journey.

Audio and video DVD’s  are to go hand with the books. All Audio CDs have been distributed to kalang Radio, Nokondi FM, Radio Madang, Radio Morobe for a wider Hearing. We recongnize the existence of kundu TV and radio Morobe for a wider hearing. We recongnize the existence of Kundu TV and TV wan. And so we digitalize our program and send them to the mention TV Stations to air for wider viewing.

This training is for the drop outs or the unemployed youths. They acquire theatrical skills and knowledge and impart by way of awareness dramas and stage productions.

Here theatrical skills and knowledge is being offload to participants using the Theatre Training Manual. After this a stage production is developed and staged for public viewing.

The Annual National Bilasim skin Festival is usually implemented in Goroko during the term three school holidays which is September.
The following activities are implemented during the program:

a) Traditional bilas dressing and body art.

b) Hausman meri skul rok in the night and skul tok on cross cutting issues during the day. The life is maneuvering through the challenges Manuel is used during the day to offload information to the participates. Sometimes profisssional from other firms come and give advice and life history of themselves so that participants adhere to.

c) Show case of the Annual School Holiday Program

Standard programs and manuals
have been put in place to carry out the mentioned functions


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