Corporate (Management) Division

The Management Services Division’s primary role is to provide financial accountability, recruitment and training for effective and efficient service delivery. The division:

Is responsible for all matters relating to staff appointment, promotion, discipline, welfare and trainingvents.
Deals with establishment matters with regards to pension administration, records and registry.
Takes charge of receipts of funds and keeps records of all financial transactions of the Commission
Is responsible for the payment of staff salaries, allowances and other entitlements, and payment of contractors and other remembers of the  public is done by the Management Services Division.
Coordinates the preparation of the Commission’s budget, prepares all sub-allocations to the cultural institutions.
Is responsible for supplies and purchases, and deals with maintenance of office building, furniture and equipmenton.
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Ensure accurate and timely financial reports are produced and presented to Management and Board.
Keep proper records of all fixed and portable assets of NCC's.
Ensure NCC is compliant with its statutory and government obligations.