The launching of the Ipili Humari Sianda Festival concluded on a high note today, with the festival being officially declared as a National Event by the Acting Executive Director of National Cultural Commission, Mr Steven Kilanda.

Mr Kilanda on behalf of the commission presented a K10,000 cheque to the Ipili Festival Chairman Alus Mark in front of a packed crowed at the Porgera station.

Mr Kilanda said culture was very vital and must be preserved because it depicts the uniqueness of our various ethnic groups in our country.
“Our culture and tradition must be valued because without culture, we do not exist.

“In places such as Porgera, which hosts the world class mine, it is fitting to promote our Ipili culture and tradition, because it has the potential to attract visitors from outside when this festival is hosted annually,” Mr Kilanda said.

He said the mine resources are none renewable resources and once it's fully extracted, our culture will remain and would sustain everyone through such festivals.

Mr Kilanda said the date for the Ipili festival is officially locked for August 6-7 in the National Cultural Festival Calendar and will be recognised by the government through National Cultural Commission.

First Secretary to the Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Andrew Diu Yamai also shared similar sentiments and committed a further K10,000 to the festival for its first event in 2020.

In acknowledging the commitments, Ipili Festival Chairman Alus Mark expressed his gratitude on behalf of the festival committee and the people of Porgera for the recognition shown by the national government through the Tourism, Arts and Culture Ministry as well as the National Cultural Commission.

“I am honoured on behalf of the Ipili Humari Sianda Festival committee to receive such recognition and will continue to work closely with NCC and the Ministry responsible in the future to make this festival a success,” Mr Mark said.

He added that Porgera was always portrayed as a notorious district with a lot of law and order issues and that was why the community with the support of university students initiated the festival to bring the people together and advocate peace and unity through our culture.

Picture Caption:
National Cultural Commission’s Acting Executive Director Steven Kilanda (Left) presenting the festival certificate to Ipili Festival Chairman Alus Mark (right) as the first Secretary Andrew Yamai looks on.

MORE than 20 officers and their spouses from National Cultural Commission (NCC) and Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies were yesterday privileged to obtain marriage certificates.

Providing marriage and birth certificates and National Identity (NID) cards for the release of leave entitlements among public servants in PNG is difficult now a days therefore NCC and its management made an arrangement with a marriage celebrant to conduct the mass marriage ceremony.

The Acting Executive Director of NCC, Steven Kilanda told the officers that for the public servants now a days to get their leave entitlements released was getting tough these days therefore the Management of NCC decided to arrange the marriage celebrant so that the officers and their spouses could sign and get their marriage certificates easily.

“It’s getting hard these days so NCC arranged this so that you and your spouses can get the marriage certificates while NCC take care of the costs incurred,” he said.

Mr Kilanda said he was more than happy to see his officers and their spouses signing and getting their marriage certificates.

He said the same marriage celebrant and the Human Resources officer from NCC would travel up to Goroka in the eastern Highlands Province to conduct the marriage celebration with the officers of the National Performing Arts Troupe (NPAT) and National Film Institute (NFI) in the days to come.

Pastor Joel Mondo, the marriage celebrant who is from the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Morata told 25 couples who obtained the certificates that they needed their spouses as their assistance.

“God’s purpose of creating man and woman is to assist each other. Your spouse is your helper,” Ps Mondo said.

He said God created animals male and female but human being was only male and when He saw that the man needed helper, He made man lie down and took his rib from his side and made female and gave her to the man as his helper.

Ps Mondo said therefore both officers and the spouses were each other’s helper which the certificates they were about to sign signifies that.

He said the certificates they were about to sign were the legal documents signifying legally married couples in the country.

It was a relief for the officers from both organizations because the provision of the marriage certificates to have their leave entitlements released has been tough.

This would also makes the external auditors’ jobs easier when it comes to auditing the books of NCC and its institutions.