Institute of PNG Studies in desperate need of refurbishment

Institute of PNG Studies in desperate need of refurbishment

National Cultural Commission Head Steven Kilanda has expressed concern over the deteriorating state of the three Institutions that are under NCC.

In the progressive report for the month of February Kilanda who is the newly appointed acting executive director said that the three cultural institutions; namely Institute of PNG Studies, National Film Institute (NFI), and National Performing Arts Troupe (NPAT) are deteriorating at a faster rate and required instant attention to improve their states.

“I feel sorry for the status of these government facilities there that are really run down, deteriorated to the point where some of the materials are falling apart that need major refurbishment urgently,” he said.

He said improving human resource in the agency would be one way to deal with workloads in rebuilding the state of these three institutions under NCC.

“I am beginning to increase the staffing which I have consulted the Department of Personnel Management and also otger government and private organizations to assist in the refurbishment,” Kilanda said.

Other things NCC will be looking at to get them out of the way include the completion of the Five Year Corporate Plan and Cultural Policy for the agency which is still in its draft form since NCCs establishment in 1994, establishment of its Information and Technology office to enable easy communication between the agency and its institutions, forming of the new NCC board, and staff accommodation.