National Cultural Commission assisted the school with K7,000 for School Cultural Show

All the happenings at Ted Diro Primary School in Port Moresby. NCC assisted the school with K7,000. K5,000 to host the school cultural celebration as lead up event for the PNG's Independence celebrations in the country and K2,000 for the traditional costumes and attires. The Acting ED and NCC team were at the school last Thursday presenting the check.

NCC Resumes 2019 Operations under New Head

NCC Resumes 2019 Operations under New Head

The new National Cultural Commission head Steven Kilanda urges support and commitment from staff to move the organization forward in preserving the country’s cultural heritage. According to NCC’s brief progressive report for the month of February and March, Kilanda replaces John Uani as the new acting executive director for this year 2019.

“The functions and responsibilities of the National Cultural Commission are important to preserve, protect, safeguard, develop and promote the country’s traditional and contemporary cultural heritage,” Kilanda said.

The report highlighted that due to the current modern and development influences that have degraded certain aspects of the PNG’s cultures at a rapid phase, the organization under this new leadership of Mr Kilanda pledges to try and address that.

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